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Cultural- Work

Consulting Agency 


We offer diferent services:

* Recruitment for  Exchange Visitor and Work Programs in the US and in Canada
*  Visa Consulting Services
* Translations Spanish-  English- Spanish
* English tests
* Assistance to obtain certify transcripts



Our flexible programs and dates work around the year . You can work at a popular U.S. resort, amusement park, sporting arena, or restaurant, and in your free time immerse yourself in American culture. Tour museums, sightsee, visit with American friends or just relax on the beach. The possibilities are endless. You’ve always wanted the experience of a lifetime – now’s this is the opportunity.


We offer to employers in the United States an opportunity to internationalize their business by participating in a work exchange program. Whether you hire an eager university student from abroad for the winter or summer season, or participate in the training of a newly graduated, highly skilled professional, your business will benefit from the new, fresh ideas and exemplary work ethic of these participants.


American Cultural Experience LLC is an organization founded in 2005. ACE’s mission is to promote international understanding and goodwill through people around the world by supporting cultural exchanges and work programs. We believe that the best way to cross bridges and pursue long lasting friendships between people is to learn from their culture, customs, languages and values. 




"Mil gracias, quiero motivar a muchas personas a que confien y luchen por sus suenos"

Alejandra Reyes from Quindio - Colombia

Participant - H2B Visa Program

Testimony obtained from the company FaceBook on 02/15/17

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