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American Cultural Experience LLC is a company that was born in 2016 with the purpose to support Exchange Visitor (Au Pair, Summer Work and Travel, Training, and Educational) and work programs (H2B) in the  US. Over the years the company grow up adding a new program placing applicants in Canada through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) established by the Canadian Government that allow foreign workers to work legally in Canada for a period of time.

Over the years the company experienced changes and growth  in its services with the purpouse to satisfy its applicants needs.

The company welcome applicants from allover the world, applicants with diferent backgrouds, skills, abilities and qualifications.

ACE has placed many workers in US and in Canada, our main source of applicants are through our satellite offices and agents around the world. We received qualified applicants from: Moldova, Indonesia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Philippines, Jamaica, Bulgaria, China, Nepal, Colombia etc.


"Finding Inspiration in Every Turn"


Wilma Schilling

CEO / Director of International Operations

Wilma Schilling was born in Peru. Wilma earned a BS- Education with a major in foreign languages from Universidad Nacional Pedro Ruiz Gallo- UNPRG (Peru) in 1998 and a MBA- International business from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2013.

She is responsible for managing and supporting  sponsor organizations, in country and overseas partners and agents.  She  provides constant and dedicated support to all partners to be sure all programs,  regulations and procedures are in place. She is responsible to send constant updates to all foreign agents and applicants in addition to organizing overseas recruitment trips.


Ira Schilling Jr

Visa Consultant

Ira Schilling Jr is a Purple Heart recipient from the US Army and the founder of American Cultural Experience LLC with more than eighteen years of experience in the Exchange Visitor recruitment.

He retired from the company management in 2015. Actually he provides consulting services with visa cases and interview applicants for participation in the different programs the company provides.


Piero Montenegro 

Christian Yong



Piero earned a BS- Industrial Engineering from USAT (Peru) in 2019.

He provides logistic, consulting services and assistance to applicants for participation in the different programs the company provides.

Christian  earned an AAS- Industrial Comunication and Media Arts  from Thompkins Cortland Community College (New York) in 2005 and Advertising Science in the Instituto Peruano de Publicidad (Peru) in 1997.

He provides recruitment, consulting services and assistance to applicants for participation in the different programs the company provides.

Rosario Huapaya was born in Lima, Perú. Rosario earned a BA - Translation and
Interpreting from Ricardo Palma University (Peru) in 2012. Rosario is a former participant in the
Work and Travel program (2007, 2008, 2009) which gives her the necessary experience to
assist and guide future participants.

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